Belmont Catering's Famous Potato Salad


Our very own secret recipe that people just can’t get enough of.

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potatosaladWe Can Ship!

Just because you’re not in Dayton anymore doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite dish. We can work with you to ship our famous potato salad to your event. Just take a look at the map on our wall to see all the locations that have served our potato salad.


I know it sounds hokey but we have so many people hooked on your potato salad that we cannot have an event without it. We are planning a welcome home party for our brother, who is returning from Afghanistan, and of course he has requested we have Belmont Catering Potato Salad although I now live in New Jersey.

I actually see us ordering for overnight shipments in the future as we can’t go too long without this potato salad – it truly is worth the cost of shipping! Please accept this e-mail as confirmation of my order for 25 pounds of potato salad to be picked up on Friday, Sept. 17. Our brother will be thrilled.

I love Belmont Catering’s Potato Salad. I’ve never tasted another recipe that comes close. In fact, I always skip dessert to have another serving or two!

What about Belmont Caterings Potato Salad? I have seen the map on their wall of all the places it has traveled to. Now after you try it, lets talk about Dayton’s hidden secret!!!!!